Executive Education

TISS interest in Executive Education is closely linked to its interest in civil-military relations and to its commitment to building bridges between the civilian and the military sectors.  TISS faculty  members have engaged in a variety of efforts designed to provide educational opportunities for military officers.  These include a short course on Civil-Military relations offered to generals, participation in programs offered by UNC’s Institute for Defense and Business, and participation in the US Army’s Senior Service Program.

The US Army’s Senior Service College Fellowship Program was begun in 2006.  its goal is to provide leadership and acquisition management training for military officers (lieutenant colonels and colonels) and civilian government officials. A Department of the Army centralized selection board selects individuals for this opportunity.  These individuals then attend ten-month postgraduate training, at the end of which they receive credit for the Senior service School.  The goal is for these fellows to 1) Apply the knowledge and leadership tools gained to assume positions with higher levels of responsibility within the government; 2) Lead and strategically guide at the highest levels in the DoD; 3) Mentor individuals within their commands and areas of responsibilities; and 4) Operate at the most senior levels within the government.

At this time, TISS is involved in two of these programs, one based at UNC, the other at Duke University.  Fellows who attend these programs are active participants in the life of the TISS community, take courses and receive mentorship from faculty, most of whom are TISS members.  To find out more about the TISS/UNC National Security Fellows Program and the Duke University Counterterrorism and Public Policy Fellows Program, click on the image below.