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Miles in The Washington Post on Lessons from Ronald Reagan

In The Washington Post‘s Made by History, TISS Faculty Affiliate Simon Miles (Sanford School of Public Policy, Duke) considers what the Biden administration might learn from their predecessors in the Reagan White House about dealing with Vladimir Putin’s Russia:

For the past three months, the most pressing question for the United States and its allies has been how to keep Vladimir Putin’s armies at bay. Now, the time has come to ask how to deal with Russia going forward. And while that relationship will not be a new Cold War — the old Cold War had an ideological component, especially in the Soviet Union, which is absent today — American policymakers and their allies can learn a great deal from their 20th-century predecessors. Facing a similar challenge, Ronald Reagan implemented a mixture of carrots and sticks — a blend of competition and cooperation — which once again fits the situation.


Read the full article, entitled “Ronald Reagan offers a blueprint for dealing with Russia after Ukraine”.

Miles’ article was named the Article of the Week by the Belfer Center’s Applied History Project for the week of June 10.

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