TISS Organization

TISS has evolved considerably since it was founded in 1958, transforming itself from D-UNC to TUSS to TISS. Until 1999 it was based at UNC-Chapel Hill. Since 2000, it has been based at Duke University. From an administrative standpoint, TISS is currently part of the Sanford Institute for Public Policy.

As noted in our By-Laws, TISS is advised by a seven member Executive Board, acting under the guidance of a Director. The Board is composed of two members from each of the funding institutions and one from North Carolina Central University. Until 2000, day to day operations were run by one or more post-doctoral fellows.  Today, they are managed by an Associate Director, a Program Coordinator (who focuses on Duke’s Program in American Grand Strategy), and several student assistants who assist with programs at UNC and NCSU.