Affiliated Degree Programs

The Triangle Institute for Security Studies does not offer degree programs.  It is a consortium, however, of three research universities and  works closely with them to enhance the education of both graduates and undergraduates. Students interested in pursuing degrees with a national security focus should visit the home pages of these universities.

TISS is most closely associated with three programs.  The oldest of these is the Curriculum in Peace, War, and Defense at Chapel Hill which dates back to the 1980s.  PWAD is an interdisciplinary program with an emphasis on the social sciences.   At Duke University, both graduate students and undergraduates can participate in its lively program on American Grand Strategy (AGS).   This program builds on Duke University’s strengths in public policy and political science.  At North Carolina State University, the School of Public and International Affairs in association with a variety of Colleges and Departments, notably Nuclear Engineering, has been engaged in an Initiative on Energy and Security (ESI) since January 2010. This initiative involves both graduate students and undergraduates.   TISS is a close partner in all these efforts, ensuring that students engaged at these universities have the opportunity to interact with distinguished national security practitioners.

Duke and UNC-Chapel Hill also have a strong Ph.D. programs in military history. From the time of our foundation, graduate students in this program have been part of the backbone of TISS, and TISS has, in its turn, put emphasis on involving them in a variety of key programs, to include our annual New Faces conference.