Events 2008-2009

September 5-6 Ninth Annual New Faces in International Security Studies Conference, Friday Center, Chapel Hill.
September 19 *Sebastian Lukasik, History, Duke University,”Combat and Identity on the Western Front, WWI,” East Campus, Duke University, 4-6pm
October 2-3 Careers in the Security Studies Field (Wickersham Scholars and Duke AGS students), Sanford, Rhodes conference room, 7:30-9am
October 6 Kerry Fosher, Research and Practice Associate, Institute for National Security and Counter-Terrorism, Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, and College of Law Syracuse University, Robert Albro, International Communication, American University, and James Peacock, Professor of Anthropology, UNC-Chapel Hill, “Anthropology and Military/Intelligence Engagement: A Forum.” UNC-Chapel Hill campus, 5:30 – 7 pm
October 7 Election Foreign Policy Debate – Duke Undergraduate Students, Duke University
October 23 David Sanger, White House Correspondent for the New York Times, Vice Provost for International Affairs Von der Heyden Lecture – A conversation on Security Challenges, Sanford 04, 5:30 – 7:00 PM.
October 24, *Karen Hagemann, UNC-Chapel Hill, “Reconstructing the “Front” and “Home”: Gendered Experiences and Memories of the German Wars against Napoleon,” East Campus, Duke University, 4-6 pm
October 30 Pierro Gleijeses, International Studies, Johns Hopkins, “Cuban Policies in Southern Africa,” McKimmon Center, Raleigh, 7:30 – 9 pm.
November 6 Kurt Campbell, New American Security Agenda, Duke University, Sanford 04, Duke campus, 7:30-9pm .
November 7 Jeremy Black, History, Exeter University, Rubenstein (Duke AGS) and Hamilton Hall (PWAD students) noon.
November 21 *John Lynn, History, University of Illinois, “Women’s Participation in Early Modern Armies,” East Campus, Duke University, 4-6 pm.
December 2 Cynthia Enloe, Department of International Development, Community, and Environment and Women’s Studies, Clark University, “The Iraq War: Feminist Lessons,” Global Fed Ex Center, 6- 9 pm (Graduate Student seminar 4-5:30 PM)
January 15 Michael Doran, Senior Director for Near East and North African Affairs National Security Council and Bruce Bueno de Mesquita, New York University,”Conversation on Iran,” Duke University, Freeman Center for Jewish Life.
January 31 *Michael Geyer, History, University of Chicago “Genocide in World War II,” UNC-Chapel Hill, 4-6 PM
February 20 *Greg Daddis, History, UNC-Chapel Hill, “Measuring Effectiveness in the Vietan War,” East Campus, Duke University, 4-6 PM.
February 23 General Noburu Yamaguchi, Former Commandant, Ground Research & Development Command, JGSDF, Japan, “National Security in East Asia,” Riddick Hall, NCSU, 7:00-9:00 PM.
February 26 Von Der Heyden Lecture and Keynote talk for Conference – John Lewis Gaddis, History, Yale University, PM Duke University Fleishman Commons.
February 27-28 Conference, ” American Grand Strategy After War,” Rizzo Center, Chapel Hill.
March 5 Paul Kennedy, History, Yale University, Duke Provost’s Lecture, ” “Measuring American Power in Today’s Fractured World,” Love Auditorium, Levine Science Research Center, T 5:00 to 6:30 PM.
March 20 *Heather Perry, History, UNC-Charlotte, “Disease, War, and Medicine,” East Campus, Duke University, 4-6 pm.
April 6 Christopher Dandeker, War Studies, Kings College, London, “The End of War, ” Friday Center, Chapel Hill, UNC-Chapel Hill, 5-7:00 PM.
April 10 *Isabel Hull, History, Cornell University “Military Culture and the Practices of War,” East Campus, Duke University, 4-6 PM
April 14 Honor Theses – Dinner Presentations – Undergraduates, Marriott Residence Inn, Chapel Hill, 6-9 PM


* Talks organized by the History of the Military, War, and Society Seminar Series- Cosponsored by TISS