Student Internships

Between 1993 and 1998 TISS sponsored undergraduate research internships. The program was designed to give undergraduates exposure to working in a major research library and to the graduate school system of mentoring.  The first year, two Carolina undergraduates participated. Thereafter, TISS recruited students from the Triangle area HBCUs—North Carolina Central University, Shaw University, and St. Augustine’s. The students were paired with a faculty member or a T.I.S.S. fellow to assist in a research project.  TISS recruited the students near the end of the fall term or beginning of the spring term, and they worked for twelve weeks during the spring semester.  The students receive a modest stipend. Although small in scale, this program has been very useful.  About 50 percent of those who participated have gone on to further advanced study.  That success was no doubt due to the fact that many were headed in that direction anyway, but the program did make them stronger candidates and more confident students.