Evening Seminars (1998-2008)

TISS Traditional Monthly Seminars


  • Loch K. Johnson (University of Georgia) “Challenges of Strategic Intelligence” Evening seminar  (Franklin Center, Durham) and classroom visit (UNC-Chapel Hill).
  • Peter Feaver (Duke University) “White House Years.
  • Thomas Christensen (Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs) “China-U.S. Relations.” Cosponsored by PASS. Evening seminar (Freeman Center, Durham). Michael Doran (Senior Director for Near East and North African Affairs, National Security Council) “War of Ideas.” Cosponsored by Triangle Center on Terrorism and Homeland Security
  • Jared Cohen (State Department’s Policy Planning Staff).
  • Dominic Johnson (Princeton University) Evening seminar “Perceptions of the Iraq Conflict.
  • Amb. Hesahm Youssef (Chief of Staff of the Secretary General of the Arab League) Cosponsored by NCSU and Triangle Center on Terrorism and Homeland Defense. Luncheon conversation.

2006/2007 (FY 07)

  • Mia Bloom, Government, University of Georgia-Athens, “Suicide Terrorism.”
  • Joseph T. Glatthaar, History, UNC-Chapel Hill, “Robert E. Lee and the Transformation of Military Culture in the Army of Northern Virginia.”
  • Gabriel Sheffer, Political Science, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, “Civil-Military Relations in Israel.”
  • Wayne Lee, History, UNC-Chapel Hill, “Leashes on the Dogs of War: A Model for Understanding Violence in War.”
  • Kelly Greenhill, Government, Wesleyan, “The Power of the Image: Abu Ghraib.”

2005/2006 (FY 06)

  • Alex Downes, Political Science, Duke University, “Democracy and Civilian Victimization in War.”
  • Yoav Gelber, Hartl Institute for the Study of Zionism, University of Haifa, “The Israeli Defense Force (1967-1973).”
  • Stephen Gent, Political Science, UNC-Chapel Hill, “Military Intervention in Civil Wars.”
  • Dirk Bonker, History, Duke University, “World Power, Race, and Navalist Geopolitics in Germany and the U.S., 1890-1918.”
  • Jeffrey Record, US Air War College,“Comparing Iraq and Vietnam.”

2004/2005 (FY 05)

  • General Sir Rupert Smith, Former Deputy Supreme Commander, Allied Powers, Europe “War: a trial of strength or a clash of wills?”
  • Lt. General Tad Oelstrom, Kennedy School of Government “Russia: Which Road Is It On ? ”
  • Jack Granatstein, York University (Toronto, Canada) “Can Canada Wage War or Keep the Peace?”
  • Peter Feaver, Duke University “Casualties and the Iraq War.Duke University.”
  • Hew Strachan, Oxford University, “The Meaning of Strategy: Historical Reflections”

2003/2004 (FY 04)

  • Michael Krepon, President, Henry L. Stimson Center
  • Brigadier General Stanley Jaworski, Pa. Air National Guard
  • Steven Wilkinson, Political Science, Duke University
  • Brian Linn, History, Texas A & M University
  • Eliot Cohen, School of Advanced International Studies
  • Charles Allen, Asst. Director of Central Intelligence for Collection

2002/2003 (FY 03)  

  • Mel Middleton, Freedom Quest International
  • Amy Smithson, Henry L. Stimson Center
  • Andrew Bacevich, International Relations, Boston University
  • Richard Slatta, History, North Carolina State University
  • General Richard Myers, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
  • John Balaban, Writer in Residence, North Carolina State University

2001/2002 (FY 02)

  • Joanna Bourke, Classics, Birbeck College, London
  • Jeremy Black, History, University of Exeter
  • Seymour Mauskopf, History, Duke University
  • Linda Brady, Political Sciences North Carolina State University
  • Edward T. Linenthal, Religion, Wisconsin-Oshkosh
  • David Hamburg, Former President, Carnegie Corporation

2000/2001 (FY 01)

  • John Sebastian Cox , Air Historical Branch, Royal Air Force
  • David Herrman, History, Fordham University
  • Kanti Prasad Bajpai, Jawaharlal Nehru University, India
  • Honorable Lloyd Axworthy, Former Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Jean Bethke Elshtain, Philosophy, University of Chicago
  • Ariel Levite, Former Deputy National Security Adviser, Israel
  • Cynthia Watson, National War College

1999/2000 (FY 00)

  • Jiri Dienstbier, Special Rapporteur, UN High Commission for Human Rights in Bosnia/Hertzegovina, Croatia, and Yugoslavia
  • Anne W. Mitchell, History, North Carolina State University
  • Richard H. Kohn, History, UNC-Chapel Hill and Peter D. Feaver, Political Science, Duke University
  • General Richard Myers, Commander-in-Chief of US Space Command and North American Air Defense Command
  • General Henry H. Shelton, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Major General Robert H. Scales, Jr., Commandant of the United States Army War College

Cori Dauber, Communication Studies, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

1998/1999 (FY 99)

  • Amy Smithson, Henry L. Stimson Center
  • Jeremy Black, History University of Exeter, England
  • William F. Atwater, Director, US Army Ordnance Museum
  • Robert James Cottrel, Washington University
  • Tami Davis Biddle, History, Duke University
  • General George Lee Butler, Former  Commander-in-Chief, Strategic Air Command
  • Wayne Lee and David Silbey, History,  Duke University