Research Design: Methodological Considerations Beyond Neopositivism.

February 8, 2019 @ 11:00 am – 2:00 pm
Gross Hall, Room 330
Gross Hall
Room 330
Melanie Benson
Research Design: Methodological Considerations Beyond Neopositivism. @ Gross Hall, Room 330

Research Methods Workshop – Patrick Jackson, American University

“Research Design: Methodological Considerations Beyond Neopositivism.”  

Graduate Students:

On Feb 8, from 11:45 to 2pm, Dr. Patrick Jackson will be leading a workshop related to methodological pluralism. He’ll provide some remarks and we’ll have a general discussion on how researchers should think about the methodological choices in front of them as they work through their research projects.  We’ll then transition to brief presentations of student projects and then an opportunity for Dr. Jackson and other attendees to offer some guidance on how to think about the research design aspects of the projects. If you would like feedback on your work in this workshop (ideal for students in years 2-4), please send Kyle Beardsley, Duke University, a title and a brief abstract. Although Patrick’s core interests are in IR and security studies, work from other fields is welcome. We’ll select 5 or 6 projects.

 Even if you would not like to be considered for presenting your work, please mark your calendar to attend if this is of interest. He’ll also be giving a foreign-policy related talk the night before, on Feb. 7, so mark your calendars for that as well. More details will come as we get closer.  

Students from UNC, Duke, NCSU, and NDU are cordially welcome to apply.

Kyle Beardsley, Associate Professor & Director of Graduate Studies, Department of Political Science, Duke University  EMAIL: