Joseph Caddell

: Air Power, Intelligence, Land Power, Sea Power, Weapons of Mass Destruction

Pearl Harbor: Warning Intelligence
International Terrorism

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: Academic, Military/Former Military
: (919)967-0471
: The Department of History • Hamilton Hall • CB# 3195 • UNC-CH • Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3195
: Joseph Caddell (Ph.D., Duke University) is Lecturer in History at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Teaching Assistant Professor of History at North Carolina State University. He teaches the History of Air Power, the History of Sea Power, U.S. Military History; and Nuclear Security in the Twenty First Century and Intelligence History. He also taught a course for many years on Warning Intelligence for the Department of Defense. He has edited three works for the US Air War College: Nuclear Strategy, The Superpowers, and Arms Control and published a monograph on Deception for the Army War College's Strategic Studies Institute. He gives public presentations on a wide variety of topics relating to the study of war and peace, and national and international security.
: Lecturer in History
: UNC-Chapel Hill
: Ph.D.
: History
: Duke University
: Active
: Air Power Military History Intelligence History