Wayne Lee

: Military History

Speaking Through Skulls: The Culture of Soldiers in the 18th Century
North Carolina and the Revolution

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: 400 Hamilton Hall CB# 3195 Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27599 919.962.3973 wlee(at)unc.edu
: Wayne Lee specializes in early modern military history, with a particular focus on North America and the Atlantic World, but he teaches military history from a full global perspective at the undergraduate and graduate level. He also teaches courses on violence as well as on the early English exploration of the Atlantic. As a kind of additional career, he works with archaeology projects, and recently published his work (listed below) from a project in the mountains of northern Albania. He is now working on a new project in southern Greece. For more details on Professor Lee’s research see the link to his web page below. His publications include, Editor, with Michael Galaty, Ols Lafe, and Zamir Tafilica, Light and Shadow: Isolation and Interaction in the Shala Valley of Northern Albania (Los Angeles: Cotsen Institute of Archaeology Press, 2013); Barbarians and Brothers: Anglo-American Warfare, 1500-1865 (Oxford University Press, 2011). Editor, Warfare and Culture in World History (NYU Press, 2011) ; Crowds and Soldiers in Revolutionary North Carolina: The Culture of Violence in Riot and War (University Press of Florida, 2001); “Fortify, Fight, or Flee: Tuscarora and Cherokee Defensive Warfare and Military Culture Adaptation,” Journal of Military History 68 (2004): 713–770.
: Professor of HIstory, Chair, Curriculum in Peace, War, and Defense
: UNC-Chapel Hill
: Ph.D.
: History
: Duke University
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: Modern Military History