About Nuclear Security and Non-Proliferation (2010)

The interest in clean energy has led to a revival of interest in nuclear energy. Like other forms of energy, the development of nuclear energy carries with it some risks, among them concern that it might lead to the proliferation of nuclear weapons. As part of our Energy and Security Initiative, TISS has joined forces with the College of Nuclear Engineering to heighten awareness of these issues and develop programs and courses on the North Carolina State University campus that will help train the next generation of nuclear safeguards experts. Last semester (spring 2010) Dr. Man Sung Yim (nuclear engineering) taught a pilot course on nuclear safeguards, primarily technical in nature, but with a policy component. The goal of this course is to encourage social scientists and engineers to better understand each other’s “culture,” to get them to appreciate the risks surrounding the development of nuclear power, and to introduce them to some of the mechanisms by which these risks might be minimized. At the same time, TISS organized a series of talks to encourage discussion of related issues: the nuclear security group and other TISS members heard from Steven Stedman, former United Nations, on the role of international organizations in dealing with weapons of mass destruction, from Adam Stulberg, Georgia Tech, on the nuclear fuel cycle, and John Prados, National Security Archives (nuclear intelligence). We will be continuing these lectures this coming year – see Friday luncheon seminars. Please join us!