The Triangle Institute for Security Studies functions by building coalitions of individuals who share an interest in security studies broadly defined. In some sense, we are best understood as a network of networks. Listed below are organizations and groups with which we are affilated.

Our strongest ties are to UNC-Chapel Hill, Duke University, and North Carolina State University.  Within these universities, the Curriculum in Peace, War, and Defense (PWAD), American Grand Strategy (AGS), and the Energy and Security Initiative (ESI) are currently the programs with which we work most closely.  We support their efforts and their students and faculty are the backbone of our organization. North Carolina Central University, one of the oldest historically black colleges and universities in the nation, is another close partner, with representation on the TISS Board. All four of these universities are involved in a new partnership – together we have been designated an Intelligence Community Center for Academic Excellence in the Study of Intelligence and Security.

TISS plays a role in the US Army’s Senior Service Fellowship Program which sends fellows to the National Security Fellows Program at UNC-Chapel Hill and a twin program at Duke – the Counterterrorism and Public Policy Fellowship Program.   We are directly involved in the administration of the former, but fellows from both programs participate in our intellectual life as part of their year in the Triangle. 

TISS currently sponsors the events organized by two other groups: the History of the Military, War, and Society, and the UNC-Ambassador’s Forum. Both of these programs reflect the traditional recognition of our organization of the need to put security concerns in a historical perspective.

The electronic journal, American Diplomacy  was founded by a TISS post-doctoral fellow over a decade ago. While operated entirely independently at this point, its mission continues to mesh closely with that of its parent institution and we collaborate quite closely.  Carolina for Kibera, an NGO whose mission is to catalyze positive change in these Kenyan slum (to include the reduction of youth violence), was founded by a TISS Wickersham Scholar, while he was an undergraduate at UNC-Chapel Hill. While CFK has never been formally affiliated with TISS, we remain proud of the role we played in the intellectual formation of its founder.

Other links listed here are to those security studies programs both near and far with which we are currently collaborating and whose programs and events are likely to be of interest to the reader.