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TISS is an inclusive organization and welcomes all persons with an interest in informed discussion about national security events.  At its core are some fifty scholars and practitioners who are very active in the organization and are listed in the Directory.  Also noted in this section of the website are a number of groups and individuals who have played – and in most cases continue to play – a special role in the life of TISS.  These include our founders, Board Members (Past and Present), undergraduate scholars (Wickershams), graduate students who have participated in our New Faces program, and Fellows (Past and Present).

Quauhtli Olivieri Herrera

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Duke MPP Candidate Sanford School of Public Policy at Duke UniversitySanford School of Public Policy at Duke University Home 4013 West Cornwallis Road Durham NC 27705 USA Home Phone: (984) 439-1904

National Security Policy, Latin America


National Security Policy, Latin America