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Faculty Affiliate Grants

Affiliate Grants

TISS awards small grants to the Institute’s Faculty Affiliates and Graduate Fellows to support projects that advance its core objectives. These objectives are:

  • To build a diverse, interdisciplinary community of security studies scholars to advance research initiatives and collaborations
  • To foster the intellectual, educational, and career development of students and young scholars with a particular focus on expanding the diversity of the security studies field
  • To build bridges among the academic, policymaker, and military communities
  • To educate students, policymakers, the military, and the general public on issues of national and international security


TISS Faculty Affiliates and Graduate Fellows may seek support for a range of activities. Examples include:

  • Hosting an external speaker to give a talk in the Triangle
  • A workshop, meeting, or conference on a security-related topic
  • A junior faculty book manuscript workshop
  • Dissemination of research results to the public and other non-academic audiences
  • A professional development seminar for students interested in careers in security

Award amounts are flexible but will not exceed $3,000.


To apply, please submit the following:

  • Project Description (1-2 pages), including the following information:
    • Proposed date, location, and duration of the activity
    • Target audience
    • Primary purpose and objectives of the activity
    • Additional sources of funding or support
    • The needs for, significance of, and expected impact of the proposed activity in relation to the Triangle Institute’s core objectives
    • How the activity will facilitate and encourage the participation of individuals who have been traditionally underrepresented in security studies and security-related careers
    • How any products of the proposed activity will be disseminated to benefit the TISS community
  • Preliminary Budget

Applications can be submitted for consideration on a rolling basis and should be submitted as a PDF to Susan Colbourn (

Evaluation Rubric

Merits and Value of Proposed Activity
Contribution to TISS’ Mission

Proposed activity advances at least one of the Triangle Institute’s four core objectives.

Participant Diversity and Balance

Where possible, proposed activity includes diverse representation and balance, taking into account a diversity of career stages, methodologies, and backgrounds among participants.