New Faces Application

About the upcoming conference

Our next Annual New Faces Conference will be held at the Rizzo Center in Chapel Hill, on Saturday, 18 September 2021.

The travel expenses of successful applicants – airfare and/ or mileage and two nights lodging  — will be covered by the Triangle Institute for Security Studies.

Who Can Apply?

  • The competition is open to advanced graduate students working on a Ph.D. and studying in the United States. Preference is usually given to students who will get their Ph.D. in the coming year and who are on, or about to go on, the job market. We have, however, on occasion selected students who have finished their degrees and/or have already found a job.
  • The research of the graduate student must focus on an issue which has relevance for the study of national and international security, broadly defined.
  • We are glad to welcome applications from students in any discipline, including (but not limited to) political science, history, law, anthropology, sociology, and comparative literature.
  • The Selection Committee chooses participants primarily on the basis of their individual excellence. Because it is an interdisciplinary conference, an effort is made to make sure that we invite students from a variety of disciplines.
  • The conference will be organized around the interests of the chosen candidates as opposed to being organized around predetermined themes.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in being considered for this opportunity, please complete and submit the application form embedded below.  In addition, please send the following materials as email attachments to the TISS office c/o by 20 April 2021

  • A letter of recommendation from your dissertation director or other faculty sponsor.  
  • A full length CV (pdf).
  • A full length abstract of your dissertation (2-3 pages) (pdf).
  • A short 250 – 300 word abstract (WORD format).
  • A a short 250 – 300 word biography  (WORD format). 

We expect to make our decisions by 1 May.   Feel free to contact Carolyn (Tel. 919-613-9280/ e-mail if you have any questions.