The Civil Military Gap

The TISS study of civil military relations, known as the “Project on the Gap Between Military and Civilian Society” was begun in 1997. It examined the relationship between the military and society in the post-Cold War era, addressing an issue that has been a priority concern for senior military and civilian officials. Is there a gap between civilian society and the military, and if so, does this gap harm military effectiveness and civil-military cooperation?

Directed by Peter D. Feaver of Duke University and Richard H. Kohn of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, this project involved some two dozen scholars drawn from the academy, the military, and the national security policy community. During the first phase a major survey of military and civilian respondents was undertaken. The second phase was devoted to extensive high-profile public discussion of the policy implications of these findings in the media and by policy makers. The third phase resulted in numerous publications, most notably, Soldiers and Civilians, edited by Richard Kohn and Peter Feaver.