CM Dissemination

Focused Briefings The project has been briefed to over sixty different audiences, to include sessions with: Dr. David Chu, UnderSecretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness; Rudy DeLeon, UnderSecretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness; The Honorable F. Whitten Peters, Secretary of the Air Force; Tom Longstreth, Deputy UnderSecretary for Personnel and Readiness; VADM Patricia Tracey, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Military Personnel Policy; Dr. James Miller, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Requirements, Plans, and Counterproliferation; Dr. Morton Halperin, Director, Policy Planning, State Department; Dr. Hans Binnendyk, Senior Director for Defense Policy and Arms Control on the National Security Council Staff; Charles Abell, Senate Armed Services Committee Staff; Congressman Ike Skelton (D-MO); Ambassador Richard Armitage; General Alfred Gray, USMC (Ret.); Admiral William Crowe, USN (Ret.); Congressman Steve Buyer (R-IN); General Richard B. Myers, Vice-Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff; Bernard Rostker, Undersecretary of the Army; General Andrew J. Goodpaster, USA (Ret.); LTG. William E. Odom, USA (Ret.); Dr. Dov S. Zakheim; Lt. Gen. Daniel J. Kaufman, Superintendent, U.S. Military Academy; General Eric Shinseki, Chief of Staff, U.S. Army; General James Jones, Commandant, Marine Corps; General Michael Ryan, Chief of Staff, Air Force; and Andrew Hoehn, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Strategy. The study has been extensively briefed to military officers at all levels of professional military education and is already shaping syllabi and civil-military relations teaching in military institutions. March 11-12, 1999, Naval War College April 16-18, 1999, Wast Hills House, King’s Norton, Birmingham, England Keynote address presented at conference on “Redefining Society-Military Relations from Vancouver to Vladivostok” July 19-20, 1999, Summer Workshop on Analysis of Military Operations and Strategy Cornell University, Ithaca, NY September 2-5, 1999, The American Political Science Association, Atlanta, GA September 23, 1999, Office of the Secretary of Defense staff September 23, 1999, Joint Chiefs of Staff action officers September 30, 1999, National Security Council staff September 30, 1999, Policy Planning Staff, State Department September 30, 1999, Senate Armed Services Committee Staff October 16, 1999, Advisory Board of Duke Magazine October 22, 1999, Inter-University Seminar on Armed Forces and Society October 27-29, Cantigny Conference, “The Conference on the Military and Civilian Society,” Wheaton, IL November 4, 1999, Testimony by Richard H. Kohn before the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Military Personnel November 6, 1999, Private briefing for Congressman Ike Skelton (D-MO), ranking minority member, House Armed Services Committee. November 11, 1999, Institute for War and Peace, Columbia University November 13, 1999, International Studies Association- Southern Region, Lexington, KY November 18, 1999, Ambassador Richard Armitage, advisor to Governor George W. Bush November 18, 1999, Potomac Institute November 18, 1999, Outreach Dinner, SAIS, Johns Hopkins University December 2, 1999, Private briefing to Congressman Steve Buyer (R-IN), Chairman, House Armed Services Military Personnel Subcommittee December 7, 1999, House Armed Services Committee staff December 7, 1999, Outreach Dinner, SAIS, Johns Hopkins University December 14, 1999, Triangle Institute for Security Studies December 15, 1999, Undersecretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness with Assistant Secretaries and principal staff December 15, 1999, Board of Directors of the Smith Richardson Foundation January 11, 2000, General Richard B. Myers, USAF, CINCSPACE (VCJCS-designee) January 13, 2000 Center for Professional Ethics, United States Naval Academy Faculty January 13, 2000 Outreach Dinner, SAIS, Johns Hopkins University January 14, 2000, Duke University Alumni Luncheon January 14, 20000, Association of the United States Army, Lemnitzer Lecture Series February 23, 2000, Political-Military Bureau, Department of State, staff February 23, 2000, National Defense University students and faculty February 26, 2000, Future’s Group Meeting, Marine Corps University, Quantico, VA March 1, 2000, Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies, Miami, FL, Education and Defense Seminar March 2, 2000, Council on Foreign Relations, Washington, DC March 8, 2000, Council on Foreign Relations, New York, NY March 24, 2000, Reserve Officers Association including over 50 Congressional Staff Members March 24, 2000, Gen. Eric Shinseki, U.S. Army, Chief of Staff April 11, 2000, The Retired Officer’s Association, Board of Directors and Staff April 12, 2000, “Public Expectations of Homeland Security,” Annual Strategy Conference, Army War College April 13, 2000, Duke University Center for Law, Ethics, and National Security Conference on the US Military in the New Millennium April 19, 2000, Naval Academy Foreign Affairs Conference, “The Role of Militaries in the New Millennium” April 27, 2000, US Naval Institute Conference April 27, 2000, SAIS, Strategic Studies Program, “The Civil-Military Crisis Debate” April 28, 2000, William Sutey, Legislative Assistant to Senator Charles Robb May 2, 2000, “Civil-Military Relations and the Use of Force,” John M. Olin Institute for Strategic Studies, Harvard University May 2, 2000, “The Civil-Military Culture Gap Controversy,” Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University May 12, 2000, General James Jones, USMC, Commandant, Marine Corps May 12, 2000, Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Strategy and Threat Reduction (Strategy) June 13, 2000, Department of War Studies, King’s College, London June 15, 2000, The Center for Studies in Social Sciences of Defense, Paris, France June 19, 2000, Richard Saunders and Military Advisors to Vice-President Al Gore August 23, 2000, Center for Defense Leadership and Management Program, National Defense University September 1, 2000, Hans Binnendyk, National Security Council September 1, 2000, Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association, Washington, D.C. October 11, 2000, Gen. Michael Ryan, USAF, Chief of Staff, Air Force, and Principals of the Air Staff October 12, 2000, ROTC students and Peace, War, and Defense majors at University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill October 20, 2000, “The Civil-Military Gap in Comparative Perspective,” St. Cyr, France October 23, 2000, The Center for Studies in Social Sciences of Defense, Paris, France December 1, 2000, Center for the Defense Leadership and Management Program, National Defense University January 25, 2201, Civil-Military Consortium, Washington, DC January 26, 2001, National Security Council staff May 7, 2001, Keynote Luncheon Address to Annual Leadership Conference, Employee Support for Guard and Reserves, San Diego, CA May 10, 2001, Plenary Address to “Taking Stock on Civil-Military Relations,” conference sponsored by the Centre for European Security Studies, The Hague, The Netherlands July 16, 2001, UnderSecretary of Defense for Personnel and Readines with Assistant Secretary and principal staff Print Media “Sharp Divergence Found in Views of Military and Civilians, Adam Clymer, New York Times, September 8, 1999. “Can We Trust the Military?” Maggie Gallagher, Washington Times, September 16, 1999. “Beware of a Military Penchant for a Parallel Foreign Policy,” William Pfaff, International Herald Tribune, September 22, 1999. “Civilians, Military Seen Growing Apart: Study Finds Partisan Armed Forces ‘Elite’,” Bradley Graham, The Washington Post, October 18, 1999. “Report: Military-Civilian Divide Could Weaken US,” Steven Komarow, USA Today, October 18, 1999. “Some Fear US Policy Shift Will Result From Congress’s Waning Pool of Vets,” The Wall Street Journal, Thomas E. 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Radio, TV, and Other Media

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