Wielding American Power

 In 2003, TISS combined forces with Duke University’s Terry Sanford Institute of Public Policy to start a new research project. This one focused on how to manage American intervention. Directed by Peter Feaver (TISS) and Bruce Jentleson (Duke), the “Wielding American Power” project was organized around a central set of questions: how best should American power be wielded, and when, why, how, and by whom is military intervention legitimate and likely to be effective?

To answer these questions, a series of research teams were assembled. The Buchanan-Keohane project focused on key normative issues of legitimacy raised by preventive war strategies; the Feaver-Gelpi-Reifler and Holsti studies addressed the crucial U.S. domestic political dilemma of public opinion on use of force issues; the Wilkinson project examined the impact of economic liberalization on ethnic conflict; and the Jentleson-led project group reviewed the policy relevance of Carnegie’s International Peace and Security “Self-Determination” grants program. A series of workshops and conferences were organized as part of this project, which also resulted in high-level policy discussions and a number of publications (completed and pending).