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New Faces

Thank you to those who attended the 24th Annual New Faces conference occurring 21-22 September 2023 at the Rizzo Center in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

New Faces is an annual conference, geared toward the professional development and networking of early career scholars in security studies. Started by Peter Feaver and Hein Goemans in 2000, New Faces is now one of TISS most distinctive and well-known programs with a vast network of former participants.

New Faces is designed to foster and promote interdisciplinary scholarship in security studies by offering advanced PhD candidates and newly-minted PhDs a chance to present their research in a format akin to an academic job talk. It gives participants a chance to build connections with other scholars, promoting interdisciplinary connections and ties at a critical stage in scholars’ careers.

Our goal is to create and strengthen ties among scholars working on national and international security questions, crossing disciplinary boundaries. Participants in New Faces approach the study of security from a number of disciplinary backgrounds, including political science, history, public policy, and beyond.

Please check back in Spring of 2024 for more information regarding the 25th Annual New Faces Conference.