TISS is a community of scholars dedicated to encouraging rigorous research in the field of international security. It does so in part by offering its members a critical but friendly environment in which to discuss their ideas.  From time to time, its members collaborate in major research projects and secured funding from foundations such as the Carnegie Corporation and the Smith Richardson Foundation. These typically have involved not only faculty members (and sometimes graduate students) at our three constituent universities but also scholars and analysts from across the nation and beyond. During the last decade TISS sponsored three major research projects: the “Study of War Project,” the Project on the “Gap between Military and Civilian Society,” and the “Wielding American Power Project.” All have encouraged interdisciplinary discussion, influenced policy at the highest level, and resulted in numerous publications. It also puts special stress on providing critical feedback to young scholars – one of the TISS flagship programs is its New Faces project designed for graduate students just completing their doctoral dissertations.  Similar in spirit, though more modest in scope, is the Young Turks program, which focuses on scholars working in the field of civil-military relations.