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Study of War

The Study of War was an ambitious effort to look at what different disciplines can tell us about the study of war and peace at the turn of the century. Inspired by a series of studies led by Quincy Wright, culminating his 1942 two-volume classic A Study of War, TISS thought the time ripe to udnertake a similar study.

Between 1994 and 1997, TISS coordinated eleven conferences with scholars from a variety of fields and perspectives: anthropology, biological sciences, economics, sociology, law, history, psychology, literature, philosophy, religion, linguistics, conflict resolution, and political science.


  • Anthropology and War (January 1994)
  • The Biological Sciences and War (April 1994)
  • Economics and War (September 1994)
  • Sociology and War (November 1994)
  • Law and War (January 1995)
  • Psychology and War (April 1995)
  • Political Science and War (September 1995)
  • Conflict Resolution and War (September 1995)
  • History and War (March 1996)
  • The Humanities and War (November 1996)
  • Understanding War (June 1997)